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Every root is unique and follows the shape and flow created by Mother Nature. Our work starts by sourcing the perfect root from a naturally downed tree, followed by the retrieval from deep within the dense jungle. This process is completed by hand, without the use of potentially destructive heavy machinery. The extraction takes a dedicated team and 4-5 weeks to complete. Our skilled artisans then spend several days cleaning and sanding the raw material to prepare it for the long process of becoming a beautiful, furniture-grade centerpiece for your home.


Creating the perfect piece of furniture takes time. The ideal teak tree is at least 50 years old, and has been down and drained of moisture for one to two years prior to cutting. In creating our Bespoke Trading signature bleached teak, we start with the best available tree and complete a painstaking process. A natural bleaching solution is liberally applied by hand up to 20 times. The wood is then allowed to absorb four to eight months of intense sunshine and salt air to complete the finishing process. The end result is an amazing piece with the character of perfectly weathered wood and the strength of fine teak.


Bespoke Trading Co. has a shop and warehouse facility in a small close-knit coastal village in Southeast Bali. On an island of nearly 4.5 million people, we are proud to employ a number of local craftspeople year round, paying them wages far above the national average with literally 0% turnover since we opened it in early 2016.


By purchasing one of our unique pieces of furniture from Indonesia you are helping us make a difference — 10,719 miles away. The community that has embraced us in Bali, consists of hard-working, spiritual, family oriented people. In a country where only seven percent of schools are private, we are providing men and women the financial means to provide a better life, education, and future for their children. That is certainly something to smile about.


Indonesia is the largest teak supplier in the world and is very committed to preserving the teak tree through both practical and visionary government programs. Our team of incredibly skilled local woodworkers and artisans produce the most unique and interesting teak furniture products to be found anywhere in the world.